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School Bus Safety Update

Perrysburg Schools employs two mechanics who maintain a fleet of 43 buses, 33 of which are designated for regular routes. During the 2012-2013 school year, Perrysburg's school buses travelled 356,580 miles, safely transporting 2,506 Perrysburg Schools students each day, along with over 800 students who attend Penta, private and charter schools (14 buildings). Perrysburg bus drivers have a combined 211 years of experience with Perrysburg Schools.

The Ohio Department of Education requires school districts to inspect buses on a regular schedule. State Highway Patrol administers this requirement. (The School Bus Inspection Manual may be accessed at this link: http://education.ohio.gov/getattachment/Topics/Finance-and-Funding/School-Transportation/State-Highway-Patrol/SchoolBusInspectionManual-2012.pdf.aspx.) All busses are inspected over the summer during a planned, two-day visit by the State Highway Patrol. There are also unannounced spot inspections during the winter—Perrysburg gets visited about four times, and about ten buses are inspected at each visit. In addition, buses are on a regular maintenance schedule and each driver is required to inspect over 100 items every morning before he or she is permitted to take the bus out of the lot.

“Any time there is a mechanical issue with a bus, the district is fortunate because we are able to put a spare bus in service while our mechanics make the necessary repairs,” stated Transportation Supervisor Ellen Moser. “We would never send a bus out that is not safe. We train our bus drivers to be cautious, but we also need help from all community members to make sure they watch for school buses, especially when they are stopped to load and unload children.”

Nearly one million Ohio students ride on school buses each day and over 15,000 bus drivers are dedicated to providing safe transportation for children in the state. National studies show school buses are the safest method for transporting young people – up to 22 times safer than passenger cars.

Ohio Revised Code 4511.75 requires motorists to stop for a school bus anytime it has stopped to load or unload. In Ohio, those buses will display red flashing lights as well as a stop sign on the side of the bus. Motorists may not resume motion until the school bus has resumed motion. Bus drivers in Ohio are required to file reports with law enforcement when motorists pass them. In some communities cameras are being used to facilitate this reporting.

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