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Perrysburg Schools Spotlight – November 2019 Edition

Perrysburg Schools Spotlight 
We hope you enjoy our monthly eNewsletter, spotlighting excellence in our programs, students and employees!

Program Spotlight
Link Crew at Perrysburg High School
Freshman Link Crew OrientationLink Crew is a 9th grade transition program including a student-lead orientation day at Perrysburg High School. It is a school community-building program that links freshmen to upperclassmen to help foster a positive school culture. 100 junior and/or senior students complete a leadership training program to participate.

Link Crew Advisors are Dawn Burks, Lindsay Czech, Erin Gallagher, Leah Oliver, Chris Stein, and Thom Ziems.

Pictured: Freshman Link Crew Orientation this year

“Link Crew has been an amazing experience as an advisor,” shared Thom Ziems, PLTW Engineering Instructor and AP Computer Science Principles Instructor at PHS. “Watching the program grow over the last three years has been great. This year, for the first time, we have junior leaders who were participants as freshmen. We’re starting to really see the benefits of this program that takes three to five years to have a positive impact on school culture. I look forward to what the future holds.”

Student Spotlight
Georgia Bohney
8th Grade
Perrysburg Junior High

Georgia BohneyGeorgia Bohney is an 8th grade student at Perrysburg Junior High School and is a leader with her PJHS peers. Georgia is a student who is always willing to help others, has a positive attitude, is energetic and ready to work. Georgia embodies the Jacket Way at PJHS!

Georgia is active in school and out of school. As a 7th grade student, Georgia was nominated by her teachers to attend HIPP training and those leadership skills have carried over into her 8th grade year. Georgia serves as an 8th Grade WEB Leader responsible for mentoring 7th grade students at the junior high. In addition, Georgia is an active member of the Math Counts Team, saying that she enjoys the program because she loves to solve word problems and equations. Outside of school, Georgia competes for the GTFC Soccer Club as the team goalie and recently helped her team win the league championship!

Georgia is an honors math student who also excels in the orchestra program at PJHS.

“Georgia is not only an outstanding student in the classroom but also an outstanding citizen at our school,” shared PJHS school counselor Mrs. Andrea Monheim. “Georgia is a very caring person who goes out of her way to help others. I have witnessed her showing encouragement and being there as a supportive friend and classmate."

Mrs. Townsend, Georgia's geometry teacher added: “Georgia is the epitome of an excellent student. She is smart, works hard, is eager to learn, has a positive attitude and is always respectful and kind.”

We’re so proud of you, Georgia!

Employee Spotlight
Darryl Edge
4th Grade Teacher
Fort Meigs Elementary

Darryl Edge"Darryl is a true asset to our staff,” shared Mr. Marjoe Cooper, Principal, Fort Meigs Elementary School. “His professionalism and willingness to get involved in the ‘extras’ within the school and district are true signs of his passion and care for the students of Perrysburg Schools. Darryl is quite active in our CQ CommUNITY and District Leadership Team (DLT), which fosters inclusion in school district practices. Inside of the classroom, his approach allows for an atmosphere in which students thrive and excel. Kids love being in Mr. Edge's classroom! His ability to build meaningful relationships enhances the personal and educational growth for each student at this critical time of their development. Darryl's positive approach to his daily work is a model for good citizenship and Perrysburg Schools is lucky to have Mr. Edge on staff.”

“Darryl has an infectious enthusiasm that his students really enjoy,” shared fellow 4th grade teacher Kim Wiley. “They love the way he takes his passion for Spartan Obstacle races, superheroes and sports and incorporates it into his teaching for a truly unique experience. Darryl continues to be both a positive and encouraging force in the school district, whether it’s in the classroom, teacher lunchroom or out on the track. We are blessed to have him!”

Darryl leads Spartan Obstacle races for 4th grade students, is a DLT member and a CQ CommUNITY member.

To suggest a program, student or employee for an upcoming Spotlight, please contact Rachel Zickar at rzickar@perrysburgschools.net.

Posted Friday, November 1, 2019
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