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Perrysburg Schools Spotlight - February 2020 Edition

Perrysburg Schools Spotlight 
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Program Spotlight
Phillips Fund

The Phillips Fund was established by the family and friends of Robert “Bob” Phillips, including his widow, Carol Phillips. Mr. Phillips served in a number of positions within Perrysburg Schools, including teacher and PHS Principal. He retired in 1997 and passed away in 2017. This project was important to the family because of Bob's passion and belief that all students have a spot at Perrysburg Schools.

Bob, the Phillips family and Perrysburg Schools have always believed in the importance of inclusion of students with special needs, not only in the classroom itself, but also in the extra-curricular and social happenings of a school. This desire to provide those opportunities for students at Perrysburg High School led to the creation of the Jacket Friends program to provide and support opportunities for students of all abilities to have shared experiences in a social setting.

Carol and the Phillips family have participated in several events with the Jacket Friends group over the last couple of years, attending their kick-off cookouts and other celebrations. The Phillips’ grandchildren in the Columbus area participate as mentors in a similar program and added to the connection for the family.

“It has been an honor to work with the Phillips family on this incredible legacy within the Perrysburg Schools Foundation,” shared Jeff Abke '96, Director of Development for Perrysburg Schools. “Mr. Phillips was the PHS principal when I was a student here and hearing Carol talk about what was important to Bob certainly brought back many great memories of a wonderful person. This program is perfect to be connected to him; he treated every student as someone special. Thinking about Bob and Carol, who also taught in Perrysburg Schools, they both epitomize what makes this a special place for so many people. They cared for each Yellow Jacket like part of their family. Bob was one of the original members of the Perrysburg Schools Foundation (PSF) Board and was recognized as the PSF Outstanding Educator in 1986 and Carol won that award in 2004, so their commitment to students in the past has been evident and how fitting that it continues moving forward.”

Student Spotlight
Gianna Matthews
4th Grade
Fort Meigs Elementary School

Gianna MatthewsGianna Matthews is a 4th grade student in Mrs. Shauna Hunter's and Mr. Darryl Edge's classes at Fort Meigs Elementary School.

Mrs. Hunter shared: “Gianna Matthews is a true example of the Jacket Way. She is someone who adults and peers know they can count on. She works hard at any challenge that is placed in front of her and gives it her all. Gianna is funny, kind and thoughtful. She makes our classroom a better place and I know she will change the world!”

Principal Marjoe Cooper shared: “If there is one student who exemplifies the Jacket Way, it is Gianna. She is always friendly, upbeat and positive in her daily work here at Fort Meigs. Gianna is a true friend and a hard worker and is always respectful, responsible and ready in her daily work. We are lucky to have a student like Gianna in Perrysburg Schools and she is most deserving of being in the Spotlight.”

We’re so proud of you, Gianna!

Employee Spotlight
Virginia Jones
Teacher/Occupational Therapist
Preschool, Frank Elementary School & Woodland Elementary School

Virginia Jones“Virginia goes above and beyond at providing sensory services to students throughout the preschool and elementary schools,” shared Bethany Foreman, Teacher Physical/Therapist Preschool, HPI and Jr. High. “She created a fantastic sensory room at the preschool and sets up a schedule each year for the students. She made the room available to teachers to use whenever needed and trained the paraprofessionals in how to use the room. Virginia also came in over the summer multiple times to install the motor pathways in the elementary schools. The paths needed to be installed over the summer so that they could be waxed over. She coordinated this with the maintenance crews and generally had only a few days’ notice. Virginia loves to see the students succeed and is willing to go out of her way to make that happen.”

“Perrysburg Schools are extremely lucky to have Virginia as part of our school district,” shared Kristin VanCuren Koester, Ed.S., Preschool Coordinator, Perrysburg Preschool. “She is a tremendous asset to our staff members, our families and most importantly our students. Virginia possesses a wealth of knowledge that she utilizes to support students in reaching their greatest potential.”

To suggest a program, student or employee for an upcoming Spotlight, please contact Rachel Zickar at rzickar@perrysburgschools.net.

Posted Monday, February 3, 2020
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