Student Council - Spirit Week & Penny Wars
Starting 11/13/2017 and ending on 11/17/2017
Event Groups:
• Hull Prairie Intermediate School - Hull Prairie Intermediate School Events

Spirit Week Attire (November 13-17)

  • Monday - Twin Day (Find a friend or even a teacher and dress the same.)

  • Tuesday - Fashion Disaster (Find those stripes and plaids or venture into your parents closet if you are daring enough.)

  • Wednesday - Babies & Grandparents Day (5th grade students dress like a baby and 6th grade students dress like a grandparent.)

  • Thursday - Pajama Day (Think how comfortable you will be at school.)

  • Friday - Perrysburg Black & Gold Day (Deck yourself out in your best Perrysburg/Jacket wear)

Penny War Guidelines (November 13-17)

  • Pennies are worth positive values and silver and dollars are negative values.

  • Drop your spare change into your team’s bin during your lunch hour. 

  • Students can bomb other teams by dropping silver coins and dollar bills into their bin.

  • The winning team will receive a prize.

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